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Aries and scorpio dating

Why Scorpio and Aries match...

Mars and Mars translates to Warrior versus Warrior. The fights will be World War III, the sex — epic and at times each will get pleasure out of making the other uncomfortable. Both have cat like curiosity — they play, tease and are emotional killing machines. Aries and scorpio dating a cardinal sign Aries is an initiator and Scorpio as a fixed zodiac sign is a brilliant planner. They would make a dynamic political duo with the charming Aries as the charismatic candidate and Scorpio the chief strategist.

Each must watch their back though — these two have a take no prisoners attitude — and friendships can reach their used by date if someone more useful comes along. Alternatively Scorpio is smoldering and sensual like a spider inviting a hapless fly into its web.

The problem is both want to be the attract-or not the attract-ee and their different styles and stubborn natures may result in a flirting stalemate. Hard workers and even harder players, success is possible if they learn to appreciate to each others strengths and not turn everything into a competition.

Both like the finer things in life and can have Aries and scorpio dating tastes — expect lush gifts and 5 star holidays. Aries has a sharp tongue and Scorpio and even sharper sting — disagreements are loud and nasty. Aries as a flexible cardinal sign gets over things but Scorpio is fixed and able to harbor a grudge for a long time.

Aries and Scorpio Revealed

Just about everywhere but in the playroom of carnal desire. For two people with such different styles and strong personalities friction occurs on a daily basis.

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