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Nice, the 5th largest city in France, is a real city. What a stupid way to look at travel. In actuality what do I remember of that time?

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Mere glimpses of a whirlwind month of backpacking on the Eurorail across Europe. My Aussie friend Hannah had a similar experience during her gap-year at 18, spending one month learning a foreign language on the French Riviera.

Looking back we were both nostalgic and recognised that we were two pretty darn lucky teenagers. In fact, revisiting Nice over 15 years later was like a whole new world. Been there, done that is now a thing of the past. Hannah and I have successfully travelled to France previously, to sip wine in Bordeaux a few months back, and therefore knew our priorities see above re food and wine are aligned. Laki lan plenty of fish dating new tradition is to make our first night of arrival chilled out, and all about gluttony.

We arrived Laki lan plenty of fish dating 5pm after a midday flight, checked ourselves into ultra-chic and nautical themed The Deck Hotel located a block from the beach, and set ourselves on the prize of prosecco to celebrate our weekend escape.

I accidentally spotted the rooftop bar on Hotel Aston La Scala while discovering the gardens of Promenade du Paillon, and our pre-dinner aperitif location was instantly sorted. Planespotting, live music and sunset views over both the sea and Old Town included. We had booked ourselves for dinner at Les Agitateurswhich resulted in a lot of oohs and ahhs. Our menu came hidden in a brown envelope which we unwrapped to unveil an exquisite 5-course tasting menu, all in French of course, for an affordable 39 Euro.

We woke Saturday morning to sunshine, warmth and a need for the sea. The promenade lining the seafront is inundated with seafront restaurants with deck chairs for hire. As our hotel concierge explained, they are more or less all the same — bar the one he likely gets his kickback from — plus not all are open being the offseason, so we took his recommendation and popped less than a 2-minute walk from our hotel to Ruhl Plage.

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For a hefty 27 Euro each we got a sunbed, towel and umbrella for the whole day. And it was worth it! Michelin Guide recommended, adorably trendy decor, fantastic service, generous sharing portions and mouthwatering ceviche, Peixes was hands down impressive. The good news was, our lounge chairs were left waiting when we returned nice and full.

Luckily, we stumbled on Lou Pilha Leva famous for moules which was on the top of our list, to try the local delicacy of socca. Good news, because we like both those things. The way it works there is simple, you queue up, place your order for a very, very cheap price, and as politely as the French would, elbow your way into one of the long picnic benches on the pavement to enjoy.

Le Petit Lascarisan authentic and local bistro with a regularly changing menu. We were instantly sold on the alfresco dining alone. But, uhum, does Laki lan plenty of fish dating menu say roasted qual asshole see pic below?

Luckily the translation was off we later found out after befriending too American girls sitting next to us whose French was beyond this world impressive. We had major linguistic envy, swapped travel stories and even got in with the local bartenders at their sister bar next door, Coco Vin, a fantastic little wine bar to finish with an after dinner drink. A popular thing to do while in Nice is the Cours Saleya market which is on daily, a great place for produce, a renowned flower market and souvenirs.

Just around the corner is Cafe Marcheon the top list of brunch spots. Fine, we had Italian in the Old Town. Nice, it truly is for everyone and a perfect short city break. When I think of Greece I picture whitewashed stone walls, blue shutters and feta for days.

So, when my childhood friend Renee came to meet me in Europe and said Greece was her number 1 priority, I was all Laki lan plenty of fish dating down. The problem was, going to Greece in mid-August is peak season. Not to worry, I leaned on my trusty friend Skyscannertyped in Greece and found myself starring Kefalonia in the face.

A quick glance at Google Maps gave me the idea that it would be easy enough to travel from one island to the other. So, on a quick Facetime call, we bit the bullet and bought a roundtrip ticket from London Gatwick to Kefalonia despite it being a 6 am flight, eeek. It was only after we bought our tickets that I did some research properly. It was final — we were going to the Ionian Islands!

They are traditionally called the Heptanese, i. Apparently, archaeological investigations have revealed interesting findings in both Kefalonia and Ithaca.

Ahem, did someone say goat? This upmarket, picturesque port which was a traditional fishing village is in the northeast part of the island, overlooking Ithaca. A handful of tavernas line the small port, where excursion boats wait to take tourists out during the day and various performers and live music are often on at night. Odyssey Hotel was "Laki lan plenty of fish dating" what the doctor ordered. With an epic view from every room looking out to the sea and Ithaca in the distance; the sun loungers and the pool are worth it alone.

Service was exceptional so exceptional we got a very slow and detailed walkthrough of every minor hotel detail without necessity and our booking also included a complimentary minute massage. Did I mention no kids under the age of 16 allowed? Renee challenged herself and even woke for sunset or maybe it was just the jetlagstumbling the whole two steps to our balcony to witness it rise over Ithaca.

Our mornings were then spent enjoying our complimentary breakfast, including Greek yoghurt with "Laki lan plenty of fish dating," along with generous portions of whatever else we wanted, as you can pick anything from the menu, from eggs to pastries.

The best part was, we were the only Laki lan plenty of fish dating in the sea in the little cove we found just a few feet from the hotel.

Local wine was generous everywhere we went, with carafes only costing on average 8 Euro. On our second night, we met an expat from Coney Island who spends his summers in Kefalonia. We secured a table overlooking the port while enjoying our meals of goat again and roast pork to live Greek music in the background at To Steki Taverna. Myrtos Beach is reputed as one of the best beaches in all of Greece! As we had no transport of our own, we took a cab for 15 Euro from the hotel and spent the afternoon mesmerised by its beauty and found refuge from the scorching heat in the cooling Ionian Sea.

The views of Myrtos Beach "Laki lan plenty of fish dating" above are so breathtaking they are worth the visit alone, as now I understand why this is voted one of the best beaches in all of Greece. While there is the ability to rent sunbeds and umbrellas, they were all sold out, naturally. What was morning concerning was our cab driver, a young hip girl, who also thought the view was so fab she decided to Instagram her pic, scrolling through filters and hashtags, while we were winding up the massive mountain on our way out to Argostoli.

It was so Laki lan plenty of fish dating I had to tell her so. We stayed in a simple hotel, Mouikis Hotelwhere we had a massive balcony overlooking the protected sea, it was so calm it almost looked like a massive lake. In walking distance to the pedestrian shopping street, main square, and port, in a short afternoon, we were able to see most of the town.

The highlight, however, was the sea turtles! While having a souvlaki pita for lunch, we had heard rumours that you can see the turtles from the promenade we were dining on. To our surprise, during lunch that afternoon we saw a handful, not before Renee slipped and fell on some fish scalesand took one more look in the morning before flying out, as its rumoured that the best time to see them is when the fisherman come in. We had our last meal at Ampelakinot too far from the port and neighbour to the above restaurant.

I had the meat pie, and Renee tried rabbit for the first time. Both were delicious, and of course, accompanied by another 8 Euro litre of local wine. Overall the whole island was beautiful and very chilled.

Its dry, mountainous landscape was an unexpected yet serene backdrop. Its quietness meant we could enjoy secluded swim holes and drinks overlooking amazing scenery without disruption. Of the few tourists we saw, I noticed many were Italian.

Having looked at a map, Kefalonia is just across from southern Italy, and now it makes sense where the cruise ships were coming in from. In fact, at our last meal, we were asked if wanted the menu in Italian or English.

Overall, I would recommend Kefalonia if you are looking for a beautifully enjoyable holiday off the beaten path. Even though there were tourists, it definitely could have been far worse. Kefalonia is tranquillity at its best, with mountainside goats included.

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It truly is charming, rugged Italy. The gorgeous scenery is made of a stunning coastline dropping down to the Mediterranean, packed with pastel coastal villages and hiking trails between terraced vineyards, lemon trees and olive groves. I found myself there for the first time ina backpacker in the sleepy town of Riomaggiore, my favourite of the five. We arrived and only then inquired about guest lodging and ended up in a tiny apartment fitted out with the basics.

Most nights we bought pasta and local wine from the Co-Op Laki lan plenty of fish dating only grocery in town and it was enough to satisfy, sitting around talking about our travels in a charming Italian flat at night, after hiking between all five towns during the day. I vividly remember meeting Aussie backpackers in their mid-twenties.

They were old and brave in my eyes of just The world Laki lan plenty of fish dating first. The thing was, I was nervous. I was excited to show Mom all of the five towns, and how different they can be from each other. I even loved practising my poor Italian. The thing was, things had changed. It used to be the most dramatic and breath-taking bit too.

Also, because of the mass tourism, you now need to buy a hiking pass to use the trails. There are free trails, of course, but I was dead set on showing Mom the Cinque Terre I knew as a backpacker. Being more or less cash only, the ATMs fail regularly and the demographic has gotten older.

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