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Hotshotgg and lily dating from alpha


It all comes together as the world's strangest super-hero takes flight once more and prepares to utilize all of his nasty tricks against the fiends holding his friends hostage. The paragraphs centered and in italics are the wolves' perspective. Otherwise, this chapter is entirely from Philip's perspective. I'm not really that happy with this, but it was the best way I could give their reactions to the big battle "in real time" and without having to do another whole chapter rehashing the same exact thing.

I just hope it isn't too much of a pain to read; I do think it's necessary to get the full effect and I promise that this is the only time I'm doing this. Hotshot smiled in expectation as the doors to the warehouse opened. He looked to his captives, Winston, Eve, Kate and Garth, cherishing what he knew would be their pained and upset reactions.

Each of them had been lined up against the far wall. Hotshot had had Hotshotgg and lily dating from alpha placed around their necks, so that they could not escape no matter how much they wanted to.

Near him was the controller, which he could use to deliver painful electric shocks at any time.

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Turk and Razor waited with equal excitement. Finally, through the doors came Ace, leading Humphrey and Lilly behind him. They were surrounded by wolves on all sides, large wolves who had obviously seen many battles. Ace smiled with pride. I always like to have at least one vice-president I can trust! But then a better opportunity for advancement came along! Winston shook his head in disgust. They had such high hopes for you, Ace.

You dare bring them into this? They never would have approved of an Alpha marrying an Omega! As far as I'm concerned, I'm honoring their memory much more than you are! The Alphas made much fuss over Lilly and Humphrey when they arrived, all worried that they had been harmed.

When it was discovered that they had not been and so were safe for the time being, there was a general sigh of relief. But it was soon replaced by the new Hotshotgg and lily dating from alpha of what would happen to the two Omegas as well as the four Alphas. Hotshot did not answer, but merely pushed a button on his controller. Eve fell to the ground as a terrible electric shock went through her body.

If you want to hold me, fine, but let my family go! Garth now stepped beside him. Dad will never surrender the valley to you, not even to save me! Neither will Hutch or Can-do or anyone else! If not, now that they're pack-unifying Hotshotgg and lily dating from alpha won't happen, they'll just go to war again and then I can swoop in and pick up the pieces.

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It's what we in business call a win-win proposition. At these words, Eve and Garth together immediately jumped forward, meaning to pounce on the approaching giant. But Hotshot pushed down two buttons on his controller, electrocuting both of them. Turk sized her up and down. Be a good girl and maybe I'll let you stick around when all your family is food for the worms!

"Lilly! Humphrey!" screamed the four...

What do you say? She rose back into a sitting position, her bangs having fallen back over her left eye.

She wanted to cry but did her best to hold it in. She determined in her mind that she would not, under any circumstances, cry for her oppressor, would not dance when he called the tune. For the most part, she succeeded in holding her tears back, only letting out a little whimper where she wanted to unleash torrents. Next time, I'll use my claws on that pretty little face of yours.

And you wouldn't want me to do that, would you? Lilly turned her head away and closed her eyes, starting to whimper again. She felt Turk lean over her, his hot, monstrous breath rushing down her back and making her fur stand on end with fear.

She felt his paw on her shoulder, and his claws beginning to dig into her flesh. She opened her right eye briefly to see his large fangs right above her, curved into a diabolical smile. You have to know that there is no reason "Hotshotgg and lily dating from alpha" any of this!

But you end this now before anybody gets seriously injured!

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Your own greed will just drive you to your own destruction! Hotshot slowly shakes his head. My dear Kate, you've got me all wrong. It's not greed that's moving me. Not greed, or ambition, or a need for control, none of those things. Though I will say, I am working for a real angel!

Then they heard Hotshotgg and lily dating from alpha voice, a human voice. Hotshot, it's me, Philip… Philip Urich. I had flown my glider over the wilderness, looking for any hint of Lilly and Humphrey.

I had managed to Hotshotgg and lily dating from alpha their tracks and I followed those until I came to a spot where those three sets of tracks suddenly became thirteen. My heart started to pound as I thought that maybe I was already too late. Now, here I am, outside Hotshot's warehouse. And I've seen just about everything. The way they're treating my friends, the way they've got them in shock-collars, the way that Turk's all over Lilly.

Everything I see assures me that I've made the right choice, if for no other reason than being able to put the pain on these sickos.

How did I see all this, you ask? Easy, I put the glider on mute and then, flying around the warehouse, I found a small opening, into which I threw one of my Goblin goodies from my bag of tricks. This happens to be a camera shaped like a spider ironic, huh? So, with the video screen in my eye, I'm able to see everything that goes on without being noticed myself. My plan is to wait for the opportune moment and maybe take out these thugs one by one so that nobody's the wiser.

But I don't get the chance. Or rather, I see something that won't let me wait. Turk strikes Lilly with Hotshotgg and lily dating from alpha paw. A big, giant brute of a wolf, using all of his strength to hit her… to hurt her! She didn't deserve that! How could he look at her and possibly do… possibly do that? And the thing is, I know it's just a prelude to what he's got in mind. Oh, I think I know who needs a crash-course in manners!

So, I decide to make my entrance. But no reason to just burst in there. No, I am not being a coward! But mind-games are more effective…. So I rap on the door and use my normal voice. Turk laughs and looks down at Lilly.

Now you get to see two of them die! After I'm done with you, of course! Lilly seems to be on the point of tears. Everybody else seems deeply worried. Hey, it's nice to have someone concerned about me, Hotshotgg and lily dating from alpha once! I ain't a wolf or anything, but it seems pretty generous! The eyes of every wolf in the room go wide.

Not just the bad guys, but Lilly, Kate, Humphrey and the rest too. Well, there's no going back now. As the man says, the die is, like, cast! Phil, my boy, what's your game? You got some type of scam going on here? I want them to be free! No, I think you're bluffing. You came down here by yourself, hoping that I would just release my prisoners because you said that Tony agreed to our 'merger.

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