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An eerie family saga set in rural Basque Countrythe cryptic film follows the intertwined story of Kirol jokoa online dating generations of two families from to Eager for news of his child's birth, Carmelo befriends the inexperienced soldier whose reputation as an expert aizcolari competition log cutter cannot conceal his apprehension and fear of armed combat.

Panicking under fire, Manuel drops to the ground and smears himself with blood gushing hot from the neck of his mortally wounded neighbor, Mendiluze. When the battle is over, Manuel Kirol jokoa online dating out from a cartload of the dead, naked bodies as he is transported away from the front lines.

Nobody has seen his escape, except a curious, solitary cow. Ignacio and Carmelo's son, Juan Mendiluze, have maintained family traditions by honing their skills as aizcolari. Despite the strained relations between the neighbors, the destinies of the two families are fatefully interconnected. Juan's sister, Catalina, cannot conceal her romantic interest for Ignacio as she furtively watches him practice cutting logs in the woods - an attraction that proves to be mutual through Ignacio's playful attempts to catch her already piqued attention.

In an attempt to capitalize from the rivalry between the two families, Ilegorri, now a grown man, arranges a waged competition "Kirol jokoa online dating" Ignacio and Juan. Ignacio wins and his career as an aizcolari contender is launched. Catalina and Ignacio start a secret affair. Ten years later, in the spring ofIgnacio returns home after traveling to national competitions. He now enjoys fame and success.

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Although Ignacio takes care of his family farm, he neglects Madalen, his wife. He is promptly reunited with Catalina, and they have a ten-year-old son.

After the death of their mother, the relationship between the bitter Juan and Catalina is increasingly strained. Juan, still a bachelor, is more obsessed and delusional in his incestuous feelings for his sister. Catalina, afraid of him, wants to escape to America with Ignacio. A close childhood friendship develops between Peru, Catalina and Ignacio's ten-year-old illegitimate son, and his Kirol jokoa online dating Cristina; they wander amidst the mountain forest under the supervision of their limp and old grandfather, Manuel.

Eventually the boy's parents elope to America and take him with them. The Mendiluze farmhouse is empty.

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Juan, his uncle, has put on his Carlist red beret, joining the Nationalists. Peru is reunited with Cristina, his half-sister and childhood sweetheart. She shows Peru the last paintings made by their grandfather.

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The Spanish Civil War comes to the village. The men try to find refuge in the forest when the Nationalists come.

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Peru and Cristina follow them and are joined by Lucas, who offers to protect them. Lucas is killed and Peru is captured with the surviving men of the region. The men are executed but Peru is spared thanks to the intervention of Juan who recognizes him as his nephew. Reunited with Cristina, Peru and Cristina flee to the French frontier.

Kandido Uranga plays first the doomed Carmelo Mendiluze in and then Carmelo's obsessive and haunted son Juan in the other three segments of the film.

Karra Elejade plays both Ilegorri and Ilegorri's son Lucas. Usually categorized as rural drama, the film narrates the lives of Kirol jokoa online dating Basque families covering the yearswhich historically were the unstable and bloody years from the Third Carlist War to the Spanish Civil War.

Small segments of Vacas were used by Medem in his documentary film La pelota vasca to illustrate the Carlist Wars. It was very successful and won the Goya Award of the Spanish academy for best new director and prizes in the festivals of TokyoTorino and Alexandria. His expressionist values would contrast rapidly with a time period in the Spanish cinema when the influences from the American movies would multiply i. The structure of Vacas is made up of concentric circles: European Style—Spanish History—Basque culture—A village—Two houses of that village and, overseeing them all, the cows.

The narrative is also very concentric; the film uses a continuous recycling recourse i. The political and social climate of the Basque country of Spain is constantly in flux, yet the cows of the region are steadfast and calm, observing the unusual changing human culture without reaction.

Instead of a society that is traditionally presented as oppressed and belittle by exterior forces, Vacas presents the Basque people as a race that, in petty rivalries, civil war and incest, has consumed itself from within. Instead of typifying the beauty of the land, the mist of the basque Valley create a malignant atmosphere that enshrouds the protagonists of Vacasstimulating and manifesting their latent desires and urges.

The Kirol jokoa online dating is in Spanish with English subtitles. Its capital is Vacas known as the Land of the potato, during the Inca Empire Vacas served as a tampu along Kirol jokoa online dating Inca road system that led to Inkallaqta and Pocona.

It is bordered to the north by the Tiraque Province, to the west by the Arani Municipality, to the south by the Mizque Province and to the southeast by the Carrasco Province, and it is sized Kirol jokoa online dating. The Andean goose is resident around the lakes in the Vacas Municipality, viscacha, culpeo, also known as the Andean fox, skunk, guinea pig, owl, falcon, tinamou and viper are typical representatives of the fauna.

Vacas, located in the Cono Sur of Cochabamba with altitudes ranging from 3, m to 4, m, has a rural character, the peasants cultivate potatoes, wheat, barley, broad bean and oat. The fields are prepared with the help of yokes of oxen, in addition, cows, sheep, pigs and hens are kept.

The Kirol jokoa online dating are predominantly indigenous citizens of Quechuan descent, according to census Quechua was spoken by 6, of the 12, residents of the municipality and Aymara, another Native American language used in Bolivia, by 13 residents.

Today many of the Quechua people here are bilingual, They can communicate in Spanish, yet the women are less accustomed to the Spanish language than the men.

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Many of them speak Quechua exclusively, at the time of census an average life expectancy of only All types of schools are available in the Vacas Municipality, there is also an institute for higher education situated in the community of Challwa Mayu, the Ismael Montes Teacher Training College, founded in as Escuela Normal Ismael Montes.

It is a training college. The ESFM puts an emphasis on education which is practised during the students teaching units in the schools of the nearby communities. But some parents do not see why it is important that their children, the childrens help is needed in "Kirol jokoa online dating" household and in the fields. For those who attend school the infrastructure of the classrooms is not always sufficient, illiteracy is still high, especially among women.

Basque Country autonomous community — The Basque Country is an autonomous community of northern Spain. The term Basque Country may also refer to the cultural region, the home of the Basque people. The territory has three areas, which are defined by the two parallel ranges of the Basque Mountains. The main range of forms the watershed between the Atlantic and Mediterranean basins. The coast is rough, with cliffs and small inlets. The main features of the Kirol jokoa online dating are the Bilbao Abra Bay and the Estuary of Bilbao, the Urdaibai estuary, between the two mountain ranges, the area is occupied mainly by a high plateau called Llanada Alavesa, where the capital Gasteiz is located.

From Kirol jokoa online dating southern mountains to the Ebro is the so-called Rioja Alavesa, some of Spains production of Rioja wine takes place here.

Precipitation average is about mm, the middle section is more influence by the continental climate, but with a varying degree of the northern oceanic climate.

This gives warm, dry summers and cold, snowy winters, the Ebro valley has a pure continental climate, winters are cold and dry and summers very warm and dry, with precipitation peaking in spring and autumn.

Precipitation is scarce and irregular, as low as mm, almost half of the 2, inhabitants of the Basque Autonomous Community live in Greater Bilbao, Bilbaos metropolitan area.

Of the ten most populous cities, six form part of Bilbaos conurbation, with Over the 20th century most of this came from other parts of Spain, typically from Galicia or Castile. Over recent years, sizeable numbers of population have returned to their birthplaces and most immigration to the Basque country now comes from abroad. The Basque-speaking areas in the autonomous community are set against the wider context of the Basque language, spoken to the east in Navarre.

Biscay — Biscay is a province of Spain located just south of the Bay of Biscay. The name Kirol jokoa online dating refers to a territory of the Basque Country. It is one of the most prosperous and important provinces of Spain as a result of the massive industrialization in the last years of the 19th century, since the deep deindustrialization of the s, the economy has come to rely more on the services sector.

It is also used on documents in Spanish, and it is the most used denomination by the media in Spanish in the Basque Country. It is also the used in the Basque version of the Spanish constitution. Bizkaia is also the official denomination approved for the historical territory by the Juntas Generales of the province. It is also the Spanish denomination used in the Spanish version of the Constitution, Biscay Kirol jokoa online dating been inhabited since the Middle Paleolithic, as attested by the archaeological remains and cave paintings found in its many caves.

The Roman presence had little impact in the region, and the Basque language, Biscay was identified in records of the Middle Ages, as a dependency of the Kingdom of Pamplona that became autonomous and finally a part of the Crown of Castile. The first mention of the name Biscay was recorded in an act to the monastery of Bickaga.

According to Anton Erkoreka, the Vikings had a base there from which they were expelled by The ria of Mundaka is the easiest route to the river Ebro and at the end of it, in the modern age, the province became a major commercial and industrial area. Its prime harbour of Bilbao soon became the main Castilian gateway to Europe, later, in the 19th and 20th centuries, the abundance of prime quality iron ore and the lack of feudal castes favored rapid Kirol jokoa online dating. The first evidence of dwellings in Biscay happens in this period of prehistory.

The Benta Laperra cave has the oldest paintings, maybe from the Aurignacian or Solutrean period, bison and bear are the animals depicted, together with abstract signs. It is very often referred to as the Second Carlist War, as the second had been small in scale, during this conflict, Carlist forces managed to occupy several towns in the interior of Spain, the most important ones being La Seu Kirol jokoa online dating and Estella in Navarre.

The Carlist pretender, Carlos VII, grandson of Carlos V tried to earn the support of those areas with more region-specific customs and former laws. The Carlists proclaimed the restoration of Catalonian, Valencian Kirol jokoa online dating Aragonese fueros, however, the call for rebellion made by the Carlists was echoed in Catalonia and especially the Basque region, where the Carlists managed to design a temporary state.

Mistrust and rivalry among members of the family also enlarged the conflict. The bell rings to the death across the town of Igualada. People death by bayonets, burned houses, factories attacked at dawn, robberies, rapings. About the Carlists entrance on Vendrell thousands atrocities are told, done by the followers of absolutism, if our brothers fell to the edge of the Carlist dagger, why we the liberals have to be considered with them.

It is necessary to fight the war with war and to all kind of resources to exterminate the bandits that burn, steal and kill in the name of a religion. The pragmatic sanction, published inabolished the Salic Law and this meant that Isabel, Fernandos daughter became the heir instead of Carlos, the kings brother. The Carlists identified themselves with Spanish military traditions, adopting the Burgundian cross of the tercios in the 16th and 17th centuries and this nostalgia for Spains past was an important rallying point for Carlism.

There was also a support for the feudal system displaced by the French occupation. The Carlists summarized this in a motto, For God, for the fatherland, Carlism found most of its supporters in rural areas particularly places which had previously enjoyed special status beforei. Catalonia and especially the Basque Country. As Fernando died in without an heir the succession was disputed. Spanish Civil War — Ultimately, the Nationalists won, and Franco then ruled Spain for the next 36 years, from April until his death in November They are a popular form of herri kirol (rural sport) in the Basque Country.

[1] It is also known as aizkol jokoa the "axe game". She is the first and, to date, only woman elected to that office.

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