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My boyfriend has a diaper fetish?

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I love my boyfriend and he loves me very Anticoncepcional engorda yahoo dating, I'm 19 years old and he's 26we have sex almost one a week and some times 2 times a week. I love him so much so I don't mind doing this and sometimes I really enjoy it, but I have some concerns about our future. I'm not a bed-wetter and I did not wet my pants before, I'm normal girl like any girl. I talked to him about my concerns but he said nothing wrong with wear diapers as long as we love each others and he thinks diapers are fitted to me.

It doesn't sound harmful, Anticoncepcional engorda yahoo dating mean my fiance has a spitting fetish. He likes it when I spit in his mouth, on his private areas and he really loves it when we swap it. I'm not all that into it really and in fact I thought it was really gross but I tried it because I love him while I'm still not a big fan of it it's not as weird or as bad as it used to be. I got used to it so now it's just a normal thing when we get intimate.