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Indifferent to dating


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I feel like I've become indifferent to dating and finding companionship over the years. I had a bad breakup back in and I know it sounds silly but I feel like my whole perspective on finding companionship has changed since then.

I've pretty much been single since then. I've had a couple of guys ask for my number but I turn them down even though I see potential.

I appear to be outgoing and friendly when having a conversation which is why I think they built the courage Indifferent to dating to ask me outbut I sort of tense up when they show interest.

There have also been men that I was attracted to but I don't pursue them in Indifferent to dating or show any interest.

I used to find excitement in chasing men I was interested in. I no longer have the motivation or interest to do it anymore. Anyone else in my position? Am I just afraid of being hurt? Did I just not find the right one yet? Would love to hear your two cents. I felt like that for a time. Then I realized I was letting my past relationship ruin any chance of a happier future. It's all about perspective.

You may be perfectly happy being single, and that's okay. I hope you are happy regardless, but keep my favorite quote in mind:. Once you get your heart broken dating just isn't as fun.

It's the same for men as well I think. You might compare people you date to the person you fell in love with so it's hard. I think for me, it's that I find very few people I actually connect with. Sure, you're cute, but I need you to have a brain, too. I'm too independent and I think I'm an awesome catch, yay narcissism! Ugh, I don't have time to boost your ego. Sorry that rant went in a lot of directions.

Basically, I don't want to put up with crap and refuse to settle. So I snuggle my dog. What do you mean by do all the work? I think I know what you mean but just wondering like Indifferent to dating examples would be. I'm independent too in a way and Im not very good at people pleasing. I'm introverted so i guess that's why.

Coming up with all the conversation topics. Just because I make my wage talking to people doesn't mean I want to live my life in a one-sided conversation. Pick a fucking movie. It's your house and you have the fucking remote in your hand. I am also introverted in that I get exhausted Indifferent to dating social situations and then have to spend most of the next day recovering for the next night of tending barand dating just gets to be exhausting.

I get over it real quick.

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