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Is there a parental control app for android


Kids are so much precious to the parents.

With Screen Time you can...

Every parent wants to nurture kid in a healthy manner. But in this era of technology and smart devices, there are so many things which are good and so many things as well which are obviously harmful. In addition to browsing the internet, there are also apps and games that should not be used by kids.

Parental Control Apps: What They...

As one would expect, there are so many applications in the mobile app stores for smart devices. Some of them are good for the kids, and some of them are destructive. Interestingly there are parental control apps available in the Appstore which can provide a substantial control over those smart devices to the parents. With these guard apps, the parents can keep the android devices secure and restrict the usage.

Many of these parental control software comes with a price or subscription fee and offers advanced features and monitoring. But what if you are not able to buy a parental control app? Through this app, parents can control the mobile app usage so that their kids cannot use the device in a harmful way.

How to Monitor Your Kids'...

Parents can lock some of the installed apps. They can also restrict download authority, phone calls and text messaging of the smart device. This app has a beautiful feature; if a kid accidently exits from an app parents can auto restart the app from where it was stopped. With this app installed on your device both you and your kids can pass a healthy and safe time.

Norton Mobile develops this app. We all know that Norton is already an established brand in the Anti-Virus market. You can track which web pages your kids visited or tried to visit. You can also block the inappropriate websites so that the kids cannot visit. This app has a premier version Is there a parental control app for android will provide better and additional features.

Unlike other parental control app, Safekids can be controlled from a different device with parent mode. Screen Time Labs develop this app to give you an accurate data of how much time is spend with your smart device. Screen Time is a proper match for a family consists of teenage kids. This app can allow you to set a time limit on your smart device on the daily basis so that you can restrict the usage of the device.

It has a remote control feature by which parents can monitor and manage the usages of maximum 6 children.

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