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Separated husband online dating


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Hii need some advise on what I have been going through. Im 1 month and 1 week into my separation It started with a heated argument, which I ended up degrating him and telling him that hes a conformist and doesnt want to progress for the good of our family. I apologized next day. We separted due to him trying to sort his feelings, as he's not sure if he loves me or not. I was numb and shocked!!! He Married young and never had the chance for a single life, when we hooked up I told them Separated husband online dating that, and he ddidnt care, he wanted to be with Separated husband online dating and loved me and loved me to death.

I feel he used the argument as an excuse to Separated husband online dating I regreat giving him that option , I told him he could stay and we can work it out ,or leave to really think long and hard to see what he wants in life He knows how much I love him I love him so much and my 6 yr old misses him immensly I have been trying to seek help on this matter Could he just be wanted to know how the single life would be?

I dont get it. Originally Posted by kathr View Post. If you humiliated him and "Separated husband online dating" decided he needed a break, why do you think he used the separation as an excuse to start looking around?

It's certainly possible, but isn't it also possible that the degradation and separation are the things that sparked his interest in looking for other women? Sounds like you have a lot of work to do to improve yourself and make yourself worthy of him coming back.

How did you find out? And based on your communication issues, is it possible that your idea of a good sex life and his idea are two different things? Have you thought about confronting him with what you know? Tell him your stance on dating while separated; maybe he's on a different page with the marriage.

It's not going to just go away if you ignore it. C Posted via Mobile Device.

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THank you all for your response I am 5 yrs older than he is I did tell him harsh things but because we were both stressed, had just finished moving and he pushed my bottons he told me some back as well, but he what marriage doesnt have arguments. I am not a person that goes off and tells him off, I always ask what he thinks, and hes responses are always, "I dont know" or I guess Communication is critical in a marriage. I keep telling him to improve on his communication for the best I try to help him with that but its not working He just has us stringing along once he satisfies his sexcual craving to date other girls, and sorforth The way I found out was that I found an old Ipod of his, and when I charged it , its logged into his emailed, facbook.

I went into the websites, like adultfinder, and he had his own profile page I think he's addicted to this. It's not "Separated husband online dating" for someone who neve experiences adulthood as a single person to want to try it out. Should have divorced you first, but he's fairly typical. It sounds like you replaced Separated husband online dating parents and he's now grown out of that stage of needing a parent, so he's spreading his wings. Usually, it's the older man who marries the younger woman, and he finds himself in your place when she matures and doesn't need his protection any more.

IIWY, I would just focus on what you know he does want in a marriage, and work on being that Separated husband online dating who can provide it. He'll get tired of the dating and lonely nights soon enough. But you have to give him a reason to then pick YOU.

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