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Yoo ji ahn pacar kim woo bin dating


They are friends now, cheering for each other.

Kim Woo Bin and Model...

They became distant due to their busy schedules and naturally went back to being friends. Please watch them warmly as Kim Woo Bin and Yoo Ji Ann are both being recognized in their own fields and are growing, so they can continue to carry out their activities.

Kim Woo Bin and Yoo Ji Ann both began their careers as fashion models and are currently active in various fields, including acting. Meanwhile, they admitted last September that they began dating about two years ago after working together as models.

3 Ways to Vote him...

With Kim Woo Bin and Yoo Gi An confirming that they have been dating for the past two years, an old conflict from the past has risen up amongst netizens, splitting sides on their views on Kim Woo Bin. The issue, now called the Balmain Incident, has recently come into light with the newly announced star couple.

A fan had gifted Kim Woo Bin a limited edition shirt from Balmain, costing about 1, won. The problem arose a little while later when Yoo Gi An uploaded a photo of herself wearing the same shirt onto her Instagram. With rumors already swirling that the two were dating at the time, fans picked up quickly on the situation, appalled that Kim Woo Bin would immediately give a fan gift to his girlfriend.

As the Balmain incident came into light once again, this time with the confirmation that the two dating, netizens were split in views. How can you give it to your girlfriend as soon as you get it?

While news of Kim Woo...

Kim Woo Bin will be returning as a sexy safecracker. The Technicians depicts the technicians who gather in order to steal billion won in Incheon Customs in 1 hour and 40 minutes, which has the best security in Northeast Asia.

Yoo-Beom was a prosecutor, but...

He is a multiplayer who is able to make counterfeit money and make action plans with his sharp brain. He makes fake money with a 3D printer and steals from jewelry shops immediately with his careful strategy. I felt confident about the film as I saw the director passionately explaining how he will make the movie. The two actors participated in the show to promote their new movie, The Technicians.

The Running Man will air in mid-December.

Recently, Kim Woo Bin confessed...

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