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Breakup heart


Broken heart also known as a heartbreak or heartache is a metaphor for the intense emotional—and sometimes physical—stress or pain one Breakup heart at experiencing great longing. The concept "Breakup heart" cross-cultural, often cited with reference to a desired or lost lover, and dates back at least Breakup heart, years. The intense pain of a broken heart is believed to be part of the survival instinct. The " social-attachment system " uses the " pain system " to encourage humans to maintain their close social relationships by causing pain when those relationships are lost.

The neurological process involved in the perception of heartache is not known, but is thought to involve the anterior cingulate cortex of the brain, which during stress may overstimulate the vagus nerve causing pain, nausea or muscle tightness in the chest.

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A study showed that the same regions of the brain that become active in response to painful sensory experiences are activated during intense social rejection or social loss in general. For most bereaved individuals, the journey through grief will ultimately culminate in an acceptable level of adjustment to Breakup heart life without their loved one. Ruminating, or having intrusive thoughts that are Breakup heart, uncontrollable, and distressing, [10] is often a component of grieving.

John Bowlby 's concept of searching for the lost object is about the anxiety and mounting frustration as the mourner remains lost, frequently sifting through memories of the departed, and perhaps fleeting Breakup heart of spectral visitations by the lost individual.

When the loss involves 'being left' or 'unrequited love', [11] in addition to the above, this mental searching is accompanied by obsessive thoughts about factors leading to the breakup, and possibilities for reuniting with the lost individual.

The physical signs of grieving include: A broken heart Breakup heart a major stressor and has been found to precipitate episodes of major depression. Although there are Breakup heart symptoms, uncomplicated grief can be distinguished from a full depressive episode.

Major depression is composed of a recognizable and stable cluster of debilitating symptoms, accompanied by a protracted, enduring low mood. It tends to be persistent and associated with poor work and social functioning, pathological immunological function, and other neurobiological changes, unless treated.

In relationship breakups, mourners may turn their anger about the rejection toward themselves. Breakup heart severe cases, the depression of a broken heart can create a sustained type of stress that constitutes an emotional trauma which can be severe enough to leave an emotional imprint on individuals' psychobiological functioning, affecting future choices and responses to rejection, loss, or disconnection. Mourners may also experience the intense stress of helplessness.

Breakups are emotional roller coasters....

Feeling one's 'limited capacity' can produce a fault line in the psyche which renders the person prone to heightened emotional responses within primary relationships. Another factor contributing to the traumatic conditions is the stress of losing Breakup heart with whom the mourner has come to rely in ways they did not realize.

Research has shown that in extreme cases, some who experience a broken heart go on Breakup heart develop posttraumatic stress disorder. There are various predisposing Breakup heart and environmental factors that go into determining whether one's earlier emotional trauma might lead to the development of a true clinical picture of posttraumatic stress disorder. Another factor is that insecure attachments in childhood have shown to predispose the individuals to difficulties in forming secure attachments in adulthood and Breakup heart having heightened responses to rejection and loss.

There is also variation in individuals' neurochemical systems that govern the stress regulation. Depending on the severity of the stress response induced in an individual by an event i. In many legends and fictional tales, characters die after suffering a devastating loss; however, even in reality people die from what appears to be a broken heart. Broken heart syndrome is commonly Breakup heart as a physical pain in the heart or chest area, which is due to the emotional stress caused by a traumatic breakup or the death of a loved one.

Broken heart syndrome mimics symptoms of a heart attack, but it Breakup heart clinically different from a heart attack because the patients have few risk factors for heart disease and were previously healthy prior to the heart muscles weakening.

Physiological and biochemical changes that contribute to higher physical illnesses and heart diseases have been found in individuals that have high levels of anxiety and depression.

Some individuals who have divorced Breakup heart compromised immune systems because of inflammatory cytokines followed by a state of depression. Rudakiregarded as the first great genius of Persian poetry, used broken heart imagery in his writing.

Shakespeare's play Antony and Cleopatra features a character, Enobarbuswho dies of a broken heart after betraying a friend.

The American Heart Association's Sodium...

Lady Montague dies of a broken heart after the banishment of her son in Romeo and Juliet. Frida Kahlo 's painting, Memory, the "Breakup heart"portrays the artist's heartbreak during and after an affair between her husband and her sister.

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