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Hook up speakers to airport extreme

QA AirPort Extreme Base Station:...

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Search in all forums Search in 'Troubleshooting'. After trying to connect a Boost to the wireless modem and after spending numerous hours on the phone with a Sonos technician, it seems the issue with with the Apple router and the technician was unable to resolve the issue.

I have 5 speakers and a Boost. When I tried to connect the Boost the router cannot make a connection to the speakers but when I remove the Boost the router is able to link each speaker using a different IP address for each speaker.

The router now has multiple IP addresses and when I try to link up with my laptop, sometimes I can connect and most times I cannot. I assume it is because the router has maxed out the available IP addresses for the router using the speakers and a few other linked devices. I would like to use the Boost and I would like to be able to use the router for laptop and other wifi use without conflict.

You do lose one thing,...

If you have spent time troubleshooting with our support team, I would recommend continuing to work with them. I was unable to locate a support ticket under the email address you have registered to the Community so I am unable to give any other insight.

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If you have a case number I'd be happy to take a closer look. Otherwise, I'd suggest giving our support technicians a call to get a clearer understanding of the problem. Klipsch RM x2 ]. It should not be an issue.

I had a sonos connect ethernet to an apple airport extreme to create the sonosnet. From the connect i had 3 other sonos speaker on sonosnet.

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