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Advice for someone with a broken heart


Everybody gets their heart broken at least once in their life.

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But unfortunately part of love is hurt and pain which can be more fully understood by pondering on the whys, wherefore and why nots of heartbreak. We have all experienced it in one form or another-that excruciating betrayal or loss of someone we cared deeply about. Movies ever repeat the theme of love gained and lost.

Songs pulse and throb with the pain of losing someone. When we care about someone deeply, we experience connection and the good feelings of belonging. We expect these to go on forever, but unfortunately all of human nature Advice for someone with a broken heart not wired this way. Most first loves do break up and some later ones as well.

Friends we consider to be forever move on to others who better suit their tastes. Learning to deal with the excruciating feelings of being left is a greater part of being a human being. So I know both sides and have experienced all the emotions that come forth during the breakup process. Love pain may be the worst feeling of all-a gut-wrenching anguish born of loss.

Old core beliefs about not being deserving of love surface.

Love suffering is one of the great mysteries of the human condition; it hits the self-esteem hard. We never get the life nor the love we expect. And we do not deserve the emotional pain of betrayal, but it happens just the same. Understanding what happened to make things go sour helps somewhat. Feeling abandoned when your partner leaves can be excruciating painful. Breakups allow you an opportunity to analyze your choice of a partner and what did not work for the both of you.

We asked the BuzzFeed Community...

People leave because they fall out of love and know the relationship is not meeting their needs. Some leave because t hey cannot stay any longer and be true to themselves.

Some betray the ones around them because they need new vistas or experiences. Some become totally absorbed in new hobbies. Some are just plain severely damaged people-the narcissists, sociopaths and psychopaths who have wrecked your life. Give thanks that you have the ability to move on.

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