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Why do white men like latinas

4. “You should dress up...

We're all familiar with the "spicy Latina" trope, the generalization that all Latinas are mysterious, hyper-sexual, exotic or a little crazy. It's a stereotype that goes back decades, with Brazilian dancer and s film star Carmen Miranda being the progenitor of the archetype. The "spicy Latina" archetype has most commonly manifested itself in pop culture: There are certain pockets of the Internet, populated mostly by black men, where the fetishization of the "spicy Latina" has reached a whole new level.

It's all, of course, based in gross generalization. In this world of male fantasy, all Latinas have fat asses, light skin and just the Why do white men like latinas touch of exoticism to set them apart from other women especially black women. I like Latin girls. A photo posted by SC: Sarahyah sarahyah1 on May 19, at You the real mvp latinasdoitbetter alllatinasdoitbetter alllatinasrock teamlatina latinas latinaqueens hispanicgirls hispanicgirlsrock teamlatinarocks teamomami.

I do have curves, and...

These memes are shared by men and women, alike, probably from a well-meaning place, maybe even in the spirit of playfulness and celebration of Latinas. But there's no denying that many of these memes aren't just about celebration: This is why Spanish women and black guys go together.

Look at the production Lol pic.

The "Get you a Spanish [sic] girl" club, after all, actively ignores the existence of dark-skinned Latinas and Afro-Latinas, instead focusing entirely on the celebration of the light skinned, curly haired and bright eyed "spicy Latina" archetype. As writer Shantyana C.

Ledin wrote in an essay for The Feminist Wire"When people tell me I must be a 'spitfire' or a 'freaky girl' in bed because I am Hispanic, I am not at all flattered. The ramifications of these memes are twofold. The unfortunate thing is that so much of the colorism, sexism and racism inherent in the "Get You A Spanish Girl" meme corner of the Internet is that it's ripe for the possible internalization by both Latina women and black women.

But I do believe that...

These memes aren't going away anytime soon. But there's something to learn from them. Attraction and fetishization are two very different things.

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