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The ordinary regimen


Taking care of your skin is a process and results require consistency and patience, and in a lot of cases, simplicity. Even though there are a lot of products in this range, you do not need them all. I would suggest starting "The ordinary regimen" around depending on your skin type and recording your routines to track the effects before adding more.

Even though each skin type will require a The ordinary regimen set of products to maintain a healthy dermis, there are some ingredients that I believe everyone could benefit from. I know many of you have only discovered Deciem since The Ordinary launch, so I want to point out that their other skincare line, NIODhas brilliant products.

Some of them will be mentioned here and I highly recommend you check them out.

Of course, this is not set in stone and depends on the texture of the products you are using see The Ordinary — How To Create A Skincare Routine for more information on this and some products are to be used twice daily, others just a few times a week and some just once a week, so please read all instructions carefully and again, keep an eye on The ordinary regimen your skin is reacting. Hydration is extremely important for compromised acne prone skin and improving barrier function will help it to heal and protect itself from infections and bacteria that lead to inflammation and blemishes.

Obviously with this skin type the goal is keeping the skin hydrated and moisturized. Each step does exactly that The ordinary regimen should help the skin stay plump, smooth and soft.

With oily or combination skin the most important thing is balance. These products will help the skin regulate its oil production by providing it with the moisture and hydration it needs. The acids will help stop pores getting clogged by the excess oil and sebum.

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