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Reddit rich people


There's a sad undercurrent to this, as some redditors respond that they find this depressing.

Newly rich, but the biggest...

While I understand their plight, I do not understand the sustained pessimism for most of the depressed ones. I went to work right out of high school at menial jobs. No college, no big family business. Paycheck-to-paycheck, and any minor emergency like a dead car battery was a financial crisis.

I did not Reddit rich people lucky" on stocks or anything. Lots of small steps, and staying on the lookout for ways to improve matters has led me to not be poor.

My mum works for some...

I'm not rich but I'm in decent shape and moving in the right direction: I'm living at a decent level and should be able to retire in some comfort. This is doable by most of those depressed people. I am really glad someone else has noticed this and feels the same way.

This quote from that thread pissed me off all morning: It seems to be the only tangible by-product of the Occupy Wall Street protests. I don't even know why I visit Reddit anymore. Why are you pissed off? That quote seems basically accurate, although we can quibble about how far back we have to go for it it apply and what exactly qualifies as the "common man".

Through much of history, hard work and budgeting where not the road to riches--they were the road to not starving or, in good times, to being reasonably well off. The path to being rich was often blocked by ethnic background, religious background, or social class. Yes, some people were able to break through those barriers, but that usually took more than just hard work and budgeting. They needed luck or brilliance. I'm not sure why you would find that quote so offensive, but to be fair, the disillusioned youth on Reddit are probably just as sensitive to the "anyone can pull themselves up by their own bootstraps" assertions by smug boomers like the GP.

Such a world-view is increasingly at odds with an economic reality in which income inequality is higher than its been in decades, and growing. High income inequality is not at odds with the ability for folks lift themselves out of poverty or social mobility in general. It may not be inherently at odds, no, but I haven't seen any evidence or studies that social mobility is in any way increasing - and it does seem counter-intuitive that social mobility could increase at the same time as income inequality.

Reddit rich people born since inequality started to rise sharply are only just now becoming adults. However there are some troubling signs according to two papers to be presented at the Tobin Project, an alliance of scholars, this month. Christopher Jencks of Harvard University finds that income inequality has been accompanied Reddit rich people a Reddit rich people gap in college attendance.

Ms Sawhill argues that a Reddit rich people correlation Reddit rich people income levels, likelihood of marriage and level of education will make society more stagnant. There is so much free information out there. If you don't have the Internet, pretty much every city in the US has free access at a library. There's more to social mobility than just skill, however.

But high income inequality and low social mobility low social mobility isn't particularly in question together as facts are at odds with a significant likelihood of folks to lift themselves out of poverty.

Proving the "ability" is an existence proof about the future probability of anyone in the class escaping poverty being nonzero, and sets a very low bar for what is acceptable for society, in my opinion. Yeah I don't know how a country full of people who have been conned by their government over and over Reddit rich people could feel like victims That's called working for the man.

It is depressing because of the jobs out there are bullshit jobs. No one needs to be stacking shelves at walmart or the gap - people can click on amazon. If you take a real look around much of the economy is this b.

There is such an epic wastage of the world's human resources that anyone in the know would cry themselves to sleep. Occupy Wall Street is nothing in comparison to the scale of the problem.

Though your post was probably downvoted for its unrealistic pessimism, I have to agree with the idea that much of humanity's labor is wasted. The question remains, however, what do people do with their time, Reddit rich people how do they feed themselves, when their labor is entirely replaced by machines? That is the zillion dollar question right there.

We're facing it now and it's only going to get worse. The economic system we have in place now seems like it breaks down when a portion of your population cannot join the workforce in any sort of useful fashion. I don't think you can solve this problem with the current ideologies of the common American. It goes against the "core values" of many Americans so any attempt to change the system will be met with much opposition. To sum up the average discussion about jobs and money on reddit: It's easy to get that mentality.

I am in a broke period of my life right now. One can easily tell me about how much it is all my fault, but I thought I had enough money to last for two years when I quit my job, I thought I could find a job within six months in the bay area, people could argue that I am generous to a fault and people I have lent and given money Reddit rich people in the past can't or won't help me out now.

So it is easy to have Reddit rich people depression when scraping together a few bucks for transit to a job interview becomes one of the harder tasks. It's doubly frustrating when you get on the wrong bus and wind up 45 minutes late to the interview.

If you're inspired by success, chances of emulating it are much higher. If you believe that someone else's success takes something from your own, you will walk through life being depressed by every success story.

As someone who struggles for rent and basic medical care, it really grinds my gears listening to someone's victim mentality. I struggle right now because of my poor decisions.

I am improving my lot in life through consistently good choices. Sure, life happens, but ultimately, I am in control of my own destiny. Sometimes when advanced medical care comes into the picture then people really aren't in control of their financial destiny and life for them and anyone who shares financial responsibility with them can be truly miserable.

But I agree with the broad point! A lot of young people are emotionally invested in the idea that "Reddit rich people" System" is responsible for some people being poor and others being rich.

Klinky on Apr 4, They both play a role in where someone will end up. Making good choices is an often necessary but "Reddit rich people" sufficient condition for Reddit rich people. The rules of the universe are fuzzy and inexact! Optimism and pessimism can infect a culture or an age. Lots more things are possible in ages of cultural optimism, it's self-reinforcing!

We're definitely entering an age of pessimism. Klinky on Apr 5, Lots of bad things can happen due to people being overly optimistic. In fact a lot of business blunders have been because people were all smiles while the ship sank. How about the housing crisis? You could also point to almost any financial scandal out there and find a bunch of Reddit rich people optimistic sheep burying their head in the sand or being lead to slaughter.

Those sheep who went astray were chastised or booted out. This can be a good or bad thing. It's a balancing act really, but no one should chuck reality out the window so they can feel overly optimistic or overly pessimistic.

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