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Gay men ads


Smoking causes more deaths in America than AIDS, drug overdoses, suicide, homicide, and car crashes combined.

Gay men are at particularly high risk of being killed by tobacco, as almost half of gay men smoke American Journal of Public Health ; How did the tobacco industry gain such a stranglehold over the gay Gay men ads

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One theory points the finger at the industry's subtle campaign to court gay men. Since the early s tobacco companies have quietly advertised cigarettes in gay media, contributed to gay organisations, and sponsored gay community events. These activities have given the tobacco industry legitimacy among gay men. Yet the industry has been reluctant to publicly acknowledge its gay love affair.

Two recent studies of internal industry documents show that Philip Morris, America's biggest tobacco seller, devised a strategy to target gay men while denying that such a strategy existed. In the company made large donations to AIDS related causes in response to the gay community's boycott of Marlboro cigarettes and Miller beer, two Philip Morris products.

Philip Morris was starting to gain Gay men ads within Gay men ads gay community through its corporate philanthropy, and it turned this acceptance to its advantage. Genre had alerted the national media about the upcoming advert.

The New York Post 14 August smirked: Michael Wilke, founder of The Commercial Closet www. Why was the industry so coy about acknowledging its ties with gay men?

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