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Green-haired, unitard-wearing Captain Planet was the savior for the environmentally conscious '90s kid.

Supported by a cast of five powerful, ring-wearing youngsters, Captain Planet traveled the globe bashing evil villains and fighting for the protection of our world. He and the gang battled overfishing, pollution, habitat destruction, nuclear waste, dwindling natural resources, melting polar ice caps and more to save humankind — all in digestible, minute pun-tastic episodes "Lazaro nyalandu wife sexual dysfunction" allowed for the clear distinction between good guys, bad guys with names like Looten Plunder and Hoggish Greedly and everyone else.

Despite the obviously fictional premises of most of the episodes, there was a lot of truth in Captain Planet and the Planeteers — so much so that looking back on it serves as both a walk down memory lane and a terrifying glimpse into what was then the future.

Below, we've catalogued 11 of the most eye-popping predictions the show produced.