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Homosexuality in nature


But what does unnatural Homosexuality in nature mean? The definition of the term is something that goes against natural or human laws, especially in relation to morality. A male is born with a predisposition to mate with a female, since the aim is the reproduction of the species. This is something determined by nature.

But is it really like this? In the animal kingdom there are many examples of homosexuality that completely dismantle the theories that associate these practices with a purely cognitive trait of human beings. In fact, in some species, homosexuality represents an evolutionary advantage.

Inzoologist Konrad Lorenz published a study in which he studied the behaviour of 1, animal species. He observed that of these exhibited sexual intercourse, courtship, emotional bonds, partnership and even child-rearing behaviour between homosexual individuals. From primates to intestinal parasites. A decade later, a study conducted by Dr. These behaviours were different for each species, but in most cases they were an Homosexuality in nature, evolutionary mechanism.

Homosexuality is quite common in...

In other species, such as fruit flies and insects in general, homosexuality occurs because of their inability to differentiate between sexes. Geese are monogamous animals. They spend their lives with a single mate and only look for another if the first one dies. The biologist Kurt Kotrschalfollowing on from the studies of Konrad Homosexuality in nature, has devoted many years to studying these animals.

His research supports the idea that homosexuality is useful for the species. InLorenz stated that male mates are more likely to occupy a higher level within geese colonies.

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