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Whats a love triangle


Ah, the love triangle.

But at its simplest, it boils down to a situation in which Person A has reached a romantic fork in the road where one path leads to Person B and the other, Person C. Whatever shall they do?

While there might be endless possibilities for the love triangle and its discontents, the universe, being the way it is, tends to repeat its favorites quite often.

The "Whats a love triangle" are twelve of the most frequent solutions to this exceedingly common problem. Of the various dichotomies that Persons B and C can represent, the most common are those that boil down to a good old-fashioned head vs.

In this most Hollywood of scenarios, Person A decides the risk is worth the potential reward and follows their heart. Tends to lead to either happily-ever-after or a lot of dead Whats a love triangle, with very little in-between.

The same situation as above, only Person A decides to follow their head instead. Especially common in particularly somber dramas and period pieces.

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Regardless of the reason why, the bottom line is that Person C decides to cut their losses and disqualify themselves from the running. Especially common in teen films or films geared towards younger audiences, where Person C is a popular heartthrob or bad boy type and B is a somewhat awkward but ultimately lovable dork.

Persons B and C are both pursuing Person A, but for one reason or another, by the time the story comes to an end, Person A is definitively not with any of their suitors.

But regardless, by the time the tale comes to an end, Persons A, B, and C have all gone their separate ways. The "Whats a love triangle" of no resolution. Persons B and C both want Person A. C has to die. Whether it Whats a love triangle in combat or by flu pandemic, C is removed from the picture, leaving A and B free to get together relatively guilt-free.

The most downer of endings.

Somewhere along the way in pursuing Person A, Persons B and C realize that who they really want is each other. This particular scenario has two main sub-categories. The second major category of illusionary triangle is that in which Person A struggles with their dueling feelings for Persons B and C, only to realize that B and C are actually one and the same.

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There are also plenty of other less common subtypes of this trope see: Person A chooses Person B. But instead of riding off into the sunset together, Person A starts remembering all the reasons why Person C was pretty damn great.

When 3 person involved in...

A narrative curveball where the supposed resolution of relationship angst is instead a launchpad for relationship angst dialed up to Film School Rejects Toggle navigation. Nobody Wins Persons B and C are both pursuing Person A, but for one reason or another, by the time the story comes to an end, Person A is definitively not with any of their suitors.

The Stalemate The resolution of no resolution. Usually, not exactly… Example: Human being who writes about movies and other things.

Sometimes I try to be funny on Twitter. As if dating isn't hard enough, what happens when you find out you are stuck in a love triangle?. When 3 person involved in love is called Love Triangle. 1.