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Mature toe curl

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It is also a language which has gifted us with words that upon hearing them, make us wish that we had never been born. It used to be your Mature toe curl word to whisper "Mature toe curl" your friends ear in the middle of Biology to freak them out. Even hearing Mary Berry say it in Bake Off gives you the shivers. For some reason some of us are just adverse to this word be it used in the alcohol context slippery nipple or the biological context.

Unless you get them caught in a shower door. Usually spoken by someone who is about to impart their gift of knowledge on a subject that they know next to nothing about.

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Usually overhead in pubs. While flaps are very helpful Mature toe curl aircraft, the mere hint of a mention of the word to describe a vagina or the outside of a vagina produces a shudder so violent, it could give you a concussion.

I personally blame the over sexualisation of society. What is being discharged? Why is it being discharged? Do I need to see a doctor?

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