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Sona ni hookup pangulong corazon aquino


This recurring event, however, has another significance today. For it comes midway in my term of office.

Fourth SONA of President Corazon...

It is time to review what has gone before, how things stand today, and what must be done tomorrow. Three and a half years have passed since the Revolution.

Recalling the perils we passed, and the ground we have covered, I marvel at the kindness of God and the strength of our people — at the fortitude and ingenuity of a race that did so much with so little, and in so short a time.

Last SONA of President Corazon...

We revived a dead economy and in three years had it well on the road to recovery. Industrial capacity, idle for lack of capital, markets, Sona ni hookup pangulong corazon aquino confidence under the dictatorship, has been fully utilized.

Industry grew by 8. Unemployment declined from Last year, we posted a 6. This year, we anticipate less because of a slight contraction of the world economy and the shift from consumer-led to the more substantive but slower investment-led growth that we see as the safer course to take.

The economic upturn is reflected in the reduction of industrial actions. The exuberance of a suddenly liberated labor sector has made room for a deeper appreciation of the need for all sectors to work together-rather than against each other-for the general improvement. Let us not, however, use the reduction in strikes by itself as an invitation to more investments, but rather as a barometer of the more equitable distribution of the progress we are making.

We are instructed by this welcome development to work towards even greater equity in the distribution of wealth as the surest means to social order and peace. Our greatest investment in enhancing national productive capacity is in education — in developing the intelligence and the sinews of our people, as it were. The universal free high school program is also well underway. Ouantitatively, we are close to our targets; qualitatively we are far.

Yet poverty remains prevalent. Liberty is a poor substitute for food. The economic recovery has restored old fortunes far more significantly than it has touched the lives of the vast majority of our people.

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For it has spoken more eloquently to the world than words ever could. It has earned us tremendous respect throughout the world. A similar respect was evident throughout my European visit.

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