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Who was our oldest president


This is a list of presidents of the United States by age. The first table charts the age of each United States president at the time of presidential inauguration first inauguration if elected to multiple and consecutive termsupon leaving office, and at the time of death.

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Each president's lifespan age at death is measured in two ways, to allow for the differing number of leap days that each experienced. The first figure is the number of days between the president's date of birth and date of death, allowing for leap days; in parentheses, the same period is given in years and days, with the years being the number of whole years that the president lived, and the days being the number of days since the last birthday.

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Where the president is still living, their lifespan is calculated up to November 14, The second table includes those presidents who had the distinction among their peers of being the oldest living president, and charts both when they became and ceased to be oldest living. The median age upon accession to the presidency is 55 Who was our oldest president and 3 months.

This is how old Lyndon B. Johnson was at the time of his inauguration. The youngest person to be elected president was John F.

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