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Accommodating iol 2019 presidential candidates


In five months, millions of Nigerians will troop to voting centres for an opportunity that we only get every four years in our steadily-growing democracy — the chance to elect the President. The man or woman with the power to decide the fate and fortune of our country for another four years.

A Presidential Aspirant on the...

The person to determine the state of our economy, standard of education for our children, access to basic necessities, among many other things. We have all seen how that turned out.

While countries across the world are strongly growing their economies, Nigeria appears to be moving in the opposite direction, becoming the poverty capital of the world in the past few months.

Our youth are undertaking horrible, treacherous, and humiliating journey abroad in search of a better life.

Emmanuel Okogba

Healthcare remains poor due to a breakdown of the system, scarcity of drugs and supplies, inadequate and decaying infrastructure, and inequity in the distribution of resources. Unemployment is high, and lives are lost daily due to insecurity, Boko Haram scourge, indiscipline of the security forces or shoddy road networks, among others.

All these did not start inthey simply got worse under the current administration. Before then, he has strategically positioned himself for the contest.

Georgia's presidential election will go...

With President Buhari and Atiku both winning their party primaries, Nigerians appear to be accepting the erroneous notion that the presidential election is a two-horse race. With focus on an issue-based campaign, Nigerians have an opportunity to critically assess candidates across the country and vote for individuals who can engage with clarity, Accommodating iol 2019 presidential candidates, and vision.

Rather than build a government to harness the resources of the nation for the benefit of its people, the political class continues to dwell in cluelessness. With our population explosion, rising division along tribal and religious lines, and poor economy, we must stop recycling failed politicians. Our future depends on this critical decision — we cannot continue to rely on incompetent and greedy politicians without any sense of direction.

The election is not a two-horse race. The next general elections is about poverty versus prosperity; national development versus decay; insecurity versus vulnerability; and the old system versus new ways of doing things. We know what the Nigeria of our dreams look like, so we must work hard at making it a reality.

It is left us to step out and seize our future by choosing the right man for the job regardless of big party affiliations. Police fire teargas at protesting NHIS workers. Fayose marches to EFCC custody.

The two largest parties, the...

Disclaimer Comments expressed here do not reflect the opinions of vanguard newspapers or any employee thereof. This site uses cookies: 3 days ago The presidential candidate of the Liberation Movement party, Kriz David, that the summit happens within 30 days and by December 15,to accommodate the number of unemployed persons in the country.

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