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Sexual harassment cases in higher education


In recent years, industries from architecture to media have come to publicly reckon with their histories of sexual misconduct. And higher ed has been no exception, particularly because it is entwined with other sectors.

For example, The New York Times published sexual misconduct allegations earlier this year by five women against the famed architect Richard Meier, roiling the architecture profession. Cornell University, Meier's alma mater, responded by canceling an event planned in his honor, declining his gift of an endowed chair in the architecture department and reviewing his previous donations.

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While faculty allegations make up the majority of Libarkin's list, several deans, vice presidents and presidents are named as well. Many cases resulted in resignations, some in suspensions and others in firings. And of course, there were settlements.

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Most of those settlements stemmed from cases alleging the universities mishandled complaints. The presence of such a list adds an element of permanence to cases that many colleges and universities wish to hide from view.

Brief What one professor's list of sexual misconduct cases means for higher ed. Author By Hallie Busta.

Share it post share tweet. The earliest case is fromthough most date from the early s to the present. To be included, cases must have been publicly documented through sources such as institutional findings, settlements, legal fact findings and admissions.

In compiling the list, Libarkin noticed patterns that helped her develop a taxonomy for what actions the umbrella term of "sexual misconduct" covers.

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