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Sexual reflexology points chart


Reflexology is a marvelous system, simple to understand and easy to practice. It is highly effective, completely safe and absolutely scientific. But to use Reflexology effectively it is very important firstly to understand the Chart of Reflexology and Reflexology diagrams.

The reason for that is it is on those Reflexology charts that you will find information about the Reflex points. These Reflex points Sexual reflexology points chart given the correct amount of pressure and on the correct point will help in curing the problem related to the body.

Reflexology meridians connect all the...

The Chart of Reflexology of the hand and foot given below are just sample charts. The Reflexology Ebook has detailed HQ charts which outlines the reflex points in detail.

In this Reflexology post, we have included the Reflexology chart of hand and Reflexology chart of the foot. As you can see the Reflexology chart of the Hand has different reflex points on the palm. This includes reflex points on the tip of the fingers which relate to sinuses and reflex points on the thumb which relate to the brain.

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